Event Management, Folk-Western Dance, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Friday, October 20, 2017

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Folk Dance Troupe

Folk dance has always been of great priority for Archie. As it is not only the earliest form of dance but also it represents our Indian culture. The dance forms that have been performed to celebrate Hunting, Agricultural Harvest, Tradition and Religious Rituals are still a pleasure to watch.

In Archie Folk Dance Troupe all types of Folk dance ranging from the delicate circular dances of women to energetic dances of men. Procession dances including the various traditional instruments used to celebrate as well as dances including Role-Playing and Animal dances in which the dancers are dressed elaborately in colorful dresses and applied traditional colors on the body are also taught. Archie Folk Dance Troupe has proficiency in all such dances.

Archie Folk Dance Troupe has specialized teams to perform such dance for Events and Celebrations. We not only offer full length performances, but also offer dance-dramas, demonstration classes, workshops and cultural festival on the folk dance form.

The most popular and liked folk dance forms are "PUNJABI", "GUJARATI DANDIYA" & "RAJASTHANI" as well as all folk dances like Garbo, Rasdo, Panhari, Shupda, Hudo, Thali, Bhawai, Adiwasi, Tairatala, Ghummar, Kalbalia, Holi, Mayur, Lavni, Koli, Bhangra, Rampa, Goof, Ghatwali, Bambu-Nrutya and many more. All dance are performed using traditional dresses, colorful make up and traditional instruments too.